Farewell to Cairo: What I Learned and Loved About This Amazing City

Farewell to Cairo: What I Learned and Loved About This Amazing City

Cairo is an ancient and bustling city that has endured for centuries. It is a vibrant mix of culture, religion, history, tradition and modernity. The city has been the center of power in Egypt since the 7th century and continues to be one of the most important cities in the world. During my time there I had the opportunity to explore some amazing sites like Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Khan el Khalili Bazaar and many more places as well as experiencing its unique nightlife which made me fall in love with this beautiful city even more.


Exploring Cairo by foot is a great way to get acquainted with the city and its culture. From the bustling streets of downtown, to the narrow alleyways of Old Cairo, there are plenty of sights to explore. The best way to experience these places is on foot as you can take your time and truly appreciate all that this vibrant city has to offer. There are also many parks throughout the city which provide an escape from all the hustle and bustle, allowing visitors a chance for some peace and quiet.

Public transportation is another option for navigating Cairo’s crowded streets. The Metro system is reliable, clean and efficient making it a convenient choice for traveling around town quickly. Buses tend to be less frequent but they cover most parts of Cairo so they are worth considering if you have more time than money invested in your journey!

The bustling taxi system in Cairo makes getting around even easier - simply flag down one of the thousands of yellow cabs roaming about or call ahead using one of several ride-hailing apps available in English (Uber & Careem). Taxis will often run on meter but it's always advisable to agree on a fixed price before starting off any journey!

Sights to See

The Giza Pyramids are an iconic symbol of Egyptian history and no trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit. This ancient site, located on the outskirts of the city, is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World - The Great Pyramid of Khufu. A tour around this incredible complex will allow you to explore all three main pyramids as well as several smaller tombs from the Old Kingdom period. There are plenty of photo opportunities here, so don’t forget your camera!

Cairo is also home to one of the world’s largest and oldest museums - The Egyptian Museum. Its collection features many relics from antiquity including mummies, sarcophagi and thousands of artifacts that tell stories about Egypt’s past. It’s an absolute must-see for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating culture.

Finally, a visit to Khan el Khalili Bazaar should not be missed when in Cairo; it's been operating since 1382 and remains today one of the most famous markets in Africa! Here you can find everything from spices & souvenirs to jewelry & carpets; there truly is something for everyone here! Bargaining with vendors for lower prices is part of the experience so make sure you brush up on your haggling skills before heading down!


Cairo is home to a wide variety of delicious food, ranging from street snacks to full-course meals. The city's street food scene is vibrant and diverse, offering up specialties like koshari (a mix of rice, macaroni and lentils), ta'miyya (Egyptian falafel) and fuul medames (fava beans with olive oil). These dishes can be enjoyed on the go or at one of many casual eateries that line Cairo’s streets.

For those looking for more traditional Middle Eastern fare, there are plenty of options in Cairo as well. Popular favorites include kebab and shawarma sandwiches made with succulent meats cooked over charcoal grills; ful medames served with pita bread; molokheya - a spinach soup traditionally flavored with garlic and coriander; kofta - grilled meatballs mixed with spices; tabbouleh - a salad made from parsley, tomatoes & onions dressed in lemon juice & olive oil; fattah - layered pieces of bread topped with stewed lamb or beef & yogurt sauce.

If you’re looking for something special during your stay in Cairo then don't miss out on some of the popular restaurants scattered around town! From classic Egyptian cuisine such as Koshary El Tahrir to international flavors like Italian trattorias or Indian curries - the choices are endless! If you're feeling adventurous why not give Foul Baity Basha - an old favorite consisting of fava beans cooked overnight in butter & served piping hot right out the pot - a try while here?

History & Culture

Cairo is a city steeped in history and culture, with centuries of stories to be discovered. The city has been the capital of Egypt since the 7th century, and its influence can be seen throughout its streets and monuments. A visit to Cairo will provide an opportunity to explore some of the most iconic sites in Egyptian history such as Giza Pyramids, The Mosque of Muhammad Ali at Citadel of Salah El Din or Khan el Khalili Bazaar which have all become landmarks for Egyptians around the world.

Religion also plays an important role in Cairo’s cultural identity; Muslims make up approximately 90% of its population, but there are also Coptic Christians living here who practice their faith freely alongside their Muslim neighbors. Visitors can explore mosques like Al-Azhar, Amr Ibn Al-Aas or Sayeda Zeinab for a glimpse into Islamic architecture while churches like Saint George's Church offer insight into Christian traditions that have been part of this city for centuries.

The Egyptian people are known for their hospitality and welcoming nature towards visitors - no matter where you come from! Spending time with locals is one way to better understand what makes this ancient city tick as well as experience firsthand how religion plays an integral role within everyday life here. Whether it’s visiting local markets or attending traditional weddings and festivals - immersing yourself in Cairo’s culture is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories!


Cairo is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, with a wide range of bars and clubs scattered throughout the city. The famous Muizz Street is one of the main hubs for nighttime entertainment - here you can find anything from luxury lounges to bustling pubs packed with locals enjoying shisha and drinks until late into the night!

It’s also worth noting that Cairo celebrates special occasions in style; weddings often take over entire streets as friends and family gather together to celebrate, while public holidays like Eid bring out more live music performances and cultural activities than usual. During Ramadan, many restaurants open up their terraces during Suhour (the time just before sunrise when families break their fast) offering delicious traditional dishes such as koshari or molokheya along with fresh juices & desserts.

For those looking for something different then there are plenty of cabarets, jazz clubs & theatres dotted around town hosting both international & local acts on any given night. One such venue is El Genaina Theatre which hosts regular concerts featuring some of Egypt’s most talented musicians performing everything from folk songs to contemporary hip hop. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for an authentic experience!

No matter what your preference may be - whether it's catching a show at a theatre or hopping around bars until the wee hours - Cairo has something to offer everyone when it comes to nightlife! Enjoying all this city has to offer after dark will create lasting memories that will stay with you long after your visit ends!

Leaving Cairo

One of the things I miss the most about Cairo is the warm hospitality of its people. Whether I was exploring ancient monuments or tasting local delicacies, locals always welcomed me with open arms and made sure that my time in their city was as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

I also carry fond memories of my visits to Khan el Khalili bazaar where I could haggle for souvenirs or shop for gifts to take home. The vibrant atmosphere there would fill me with excitement every time! Similarly, walking through Muizz Street at night felt like stepping back in time - from shisha cafes to live music performances - it’s an experience like no other!

For future visits, there are so many more things left to explore; from visiting Coptic churches & mosques to learning more about Egypt’s history at The Egyptian Museum - this country certainly has a lot more secrets for us all! Of course, who can forget some classic Egyptian street food? From koshari & ful medames served on carts around town - these dishes will never get old!

Overall, leaving Cairo wasn’t easy but knowing that I can return anytime makes it much easier. This city has become a part of my life now and although the physical distance may be far away; its culture will remain close in my heart forevermore.


My opinion of Cairo is one of admiration and appreciation. The vibrant culture, rich history, and warm hospitality have made it a place I will always treasure in my heart. From exploring ancient monuments to tasting local delicacies, each experience was an opportunity for me to learn something new about this incredible city.

Looking towards the future, I am confident that Cairo will remain a popular destination for travelers and locals alike. It has so much to offer - from its bustling nightlife filled with music & entertainment to its countless landmarks representing centuries-old traditions - that no matter how many times you visit there's always something new waiting around the corner!

The people of Cairo are also some of the most welcoming in the world; from offering directions or recommending places of interest - their kindness knows no bounds. And despite living through difficult times over recent years they continue to stay positive and show unwavering resilience which is truly inspiring when seen firsthand.

Finally, my last thoughts are simple: keep exploring and uncovering all that this majestic city has to offer! Whether you’re here on holiday or just passing through make sure to savor every moment spent in this remarkable place because it won't be forgotten anytime soon!

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