The Best Places to Go Hiking in Egypt

The Best Places to Go Hiking in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, offering an array of activities for all types of travelers. From exploring ancient ruins to sunning on a beach, there’s something for everyone in this magical land. For those looking for an adventure, hiking in Egypt can be a great way to explore its diverse landscapes and get close to nature. Whether you’re looking to climb mountains or traverse valleys and deserts, Egypt has it all! But before taking off on your journey, it’s important to understand the challenges and safety considerations that come with hiking in this unique country.

Hiking through Egypt offers many rewards but also presents several challenges due to its terrain and climate. While temperatures during the winter months may remain comfortable even at higher elevations, summer brings extreme heat which must be taken into account when planning any hikes. Additionally trekkers should note that certain areas are subject to military control as well as facing threats from terrorism or civil unrest so special care should be taken if visiting these regions.

The Deserts and Valleys of Egypt

Climbing Mariyyat al Kawkab is a popular choice for those looking to hike through Egypt. This mountain peak is located in the Sinai Peninsula and offers spectacular views of the surrounding areas and mountains. With its rugged terrain, this site provides an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself with some difficult climbs while still being able to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the desert landscape below.

Exploring the Red Sea Hills also provides an exciting adventure for hikers seeking out new experiences in Egypt. The lush hills are full of trails that lead up into some of the highest peaks in Egypt where you can take in breathtaking vistas as far as the eye can see! Along your journey, keep an eye out for wildlife such as ibexes which call these hills home.

Finally, hiking Through Siwa Oasis makes for a truly unique experience with its stunning desert landscapes and vast stretches of sand dunes. This area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and it’s easy to imagine how life was like here thousands of years ago when exploring its many ancient sites including Oracle Temple ruins from 5th century BC! It’s also possible to take part in activities such as camel rides or quad biking so don’t forget your camera on this excursion!

Exploring the Nile Valley

Exploring the Nile Valley is an amazing way to experience Egypt’s rich culture and history. One of the highlights of this journey is discovering the oldest road in Egypt, which stretches from Aswan to Abu Simbel. This ancient path has been used by travelers for centuries and still serves as a vital route today. Along your travels, you’ll be sure to find plenty of historic sights along the banks of the river like Abu Mena Monastery, an important stop on many pilgrimages during Byzantine times.

The real highlight though lies ahead at Abu Simbel Temple. This incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site was built by Ramses II in 1244 BC and is one of the most impressive monuments ever constructed in Ancient Egypt. A trip here won’t just offer stunning views but also deep insight into its fascinating past - it even features two temples dedicated to Ramses himself! But don't forget that hiking up to reach this temple can be quite challenging so make sure you wear appropriate clothing and bring enough water with you before beginning your ascent!

The Marest Petrified Forest

The Marest Petrified Forest is a unique and stunning natural wonder located in Egypt’s Western Desert. Stretching over an area of 350 square kilometers, this fossilized forest is home to some of the most ancient trees on earth - some dating back as far as 40 million years! The remote location combined with its age makes it one of the best places to explore the history of our planet.

A visit to the Black Desert will take you even further back in time! This vast region consists entirely of black sand and rocks which gives it an otherworldly feel. It’s also home to several archaeological sites including tombs and temples belonging to Ancient Egyptians who once inhabited this desolate terrain. Exploring here will give you a deeper understanding of life during that era, providing insight into how they lived their lives away from modern civilization.

For those looking for more adventurous activities, Gemmeiza Mountain offers excellent opportunities for hiking and rock climbing amidst its towering peaks and valleys. Here visitors can get up close with nature while tackling challenging trails or simply admire its rugged beauty from afar. There are also plenty of caves scattered around the mountain where spelunkers can explore dark passageways filled with fossils, minerals, and artifacts left behind by past civilizations.

Finally no trip would be complete without visiting Wadi El Hitan Protected Area - a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 due to its abundance wildlife such as whales, turtles, dolphins, dugongs many more species living among its coral reefs! Its crystal clear waters invite travelers for snorkeling or diving excursions so don’t forget your camera if you want amazing photos from your underwater adventures!

Exploring the Sinai Mountains

For a truly unique adventure, head south to the Southern Sinai region and explore the majestic mountains of Jabal El Najma. This area offers some of the most breathtaking views in Egypt, with its towering peaks and sweeping vistas. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just getting into it, this trail is for you! With an elevation gain over 4500 feet (1400 meters), there are plenty of challenges along the way but also amazing rewards such as stunning overlooks that allow for panoramic views of surrounding landscapes.

Once at the top, take time to soak in the beauty around you before beginning your descent. During your hike keep an eye out for native wildlife like ibexes which can often be seen roaming amongst these hillsides or soaring through skies above them! If lucky enough it’s also possible to spot more exotic species passing through on their migratory routes - something never forgotten by those who have been fortunate enough to witness it first hand!

The climb up Jabal El Najma isn’t only about seeing amazing sights though; hikers should take care not to miss out on any cultural experiences along their journey either. Local Bedouin tribes inhabit these lands and offer friendly hospitality if offered respectfully so make sure to ask questions and learn more about their culture while visiting here! As always when trekking anywhere in nature make sure you leave no trace behind - respect this land as if it were your own home and enjoy every moment without taking anything away from what makes this place special: its natural beauty!

Safety Tips and Considerations

When it comes to safety, one of the best things you can do is to go hiking with a guide or in a group. Experienced guides know the terrain and can offer invaluable advice on how to stay safe while out in nature. They’ll also be able to identify dangerous areas and steer clear of them. If you don’t have access to a guide, consider joining an organized tour where other experienced hikers will be present who could help provide guidance if needed.

Weather and heat should always factor into your preparation before heading out for a hike. Make sure that you are aware of what temperatures are expected during your trek and plan accordingly - this includes wearing appropriate clothing (such as light layers) and bringing plenty of water with you! It is also important not to overexert yourself, so make sure that your route is within your capabilities given the climate conditions at hand.

Finally, having the right gear is essential when it comes down to staying safe on any hike! Make sure that you bring along items such as sunscreen, bug spray, first aid supplies, flashlights/headlamps (in case night falls suddenly), protective eyewear and sturdy shoes for tackling more challenging trails if necessary! All these items will help keep both yourself and those around you protected from any potential risks while enjoying all that nature has to offer!


Hiking in Egypt is an experience unlike any other. With its incredible natural wonders, unique cultural experiences and rich historical sites, it’s no wonder that this country continues to be a popular destination for adventurers from around the world. From snorkeling with majestic sea creatures at Wadi El Hitan Protected Area to scaling the peaks of Jabal El Najma and exploring ancient monuments along the Nile River, there are endless opportunities for outdoor exploration in this diverse land! Whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to bask in nature's beauty, Egypt has something special waiting for everyone - so why not take some time out of your schedule and explore these amazing destinations today?

In conclusion, hiking in Egypt is a truly unforgettable experience. Not only does it offer stunning views but also deep insight into its fascinating history as well as valuable cultural experiences with local Bedouin tribes who inhabit many of these regions. No matter what type of explorer you may be there will always be something new and exciting awaiting you here - so don't miss out on all that this magical place has to offer!

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